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Alhamdulillah, by the tremendous blessings and help of Allah (SWT) along with your support and cooperation, Lote Tree Foundation has made some significant progress since the purchase of our property on Highway 50. Due to the property already being zoned appropriately, we were able to fast track the process. We have architects who have worked on the initial conceptual design of the new building, we are actively engaged with the city regarding permits and approvals, and In sha Allah, with your du’as, we should be ready for construction very soon.

Of course, we could not do all of this without the help and facilitation of Allah, and Him sending us generous donors. We would like to thank all of our donors who have helped us. One of the companions said, “Whoever does not thank people, does not thank Allah”. We want our donors to know that they are thanked and are included in our dua’s.

[inside the current building]


Contributions can be made via the following methods: